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Personalized Layered Family Names Necklace can cater up to 20 Names


This necklace with kids names makes a thoughtful gift option that is sure to show how much you care and love your mom and grandma. Available in sterling silver with 18K yellow and rose gold plate versions, this family names necklace is very popular as Christmas gift, Birthday gift, or Anniversary gifts for Grandma.

Please select and input the following information:

Names for each ring (Ring 1 to 5: from the smallest to the biggest ring), separated by a comma (,). Special characters include &, • and ♡
E.g. Ring 1: Grandma (max 2 words)
Ring 2: Kat, Dan, Roy (max 3 words)
Ring 3: Rick & Val & Mike (max 4 words)
Ring 4: Tom ♡ Bobby (max 5 words)
Ring 5: Reese, Gina (max 6 words)

Product Information 



High Quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold, Rose Gold-Plated.



Smallest ring measures approx. 1/2" (13mm). Second smallest ring measures approx. 11/16" (17mm). Medium ring measures approx. 3/4" (20mm). Second largest ring measures approx. 7/8" (23mm). Largest ring measures approx. 1" (26mm).



Product is safe for sensitive skin, Lead-Free & Nickle-Free.


Word limit: Smallest ring 1: 2 words / Second smallest ring 2: 3 words / Medium ring 3: 4 words / Second largest ring 4: 5 words / Largest ring 5: 6 words.

Date is counted as 2 words.
Special characters include &, • and ♡ between names.
By default, silver item comes with BLACK engraving and gold-plated item comes with CLEAR engraving

Layered Personalized Names Necklace for Mom (Add Up To 20 Children's Names)

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