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Muslin poncho is perfect to use after swimming or any water sports. Ideal for outdoor pool or day at the beach. Poncho is cuddly soft and absorbent, very light and dries quickly.

Hooded poncho covers a lot of child body to protect from sun but it is also lightweight so children don't get too hot in it. You can use it for toddlers or kids. Designed to go over their heads

Muslin poncho will keep its softness after each washing. It is a multi-purpose product that can be used for drying your babies and children after leaving the sea, pool or has high absorbency.Its breathing texture prevents children from sweating.

❤ SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - Your little one will absolutely love the feel of this incredibly soft and tender fabric on their skin! And the fabric gets even softer after each wash.

❤ ABSORBENT AND QUICK-DRYING - So practical for the beach, the pool, the bath...