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Unlocking the Benefits of After School Educational Programs for Kids

Are you in search of an after-school program or instructional assistance for your kids? We understand that parents can be overwhelmed and may sometimes require additional help when it comes to providing educational programs and learning chances for their children. So lets talk about providing the highest quality after school programs and assisted learning choices accessible for kids. Highly trained educators who strive to create bespoke activities and courses which will assist your child reach his/her maximum potential. It is our objective to make sure that every single kid gets the support they need to excel academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. With some of the extensive ranges of services and activities, out there that are guaranteed your child will have everything required in order to succeed!

After school programs present a unique opportunity for children to expand their knowledge and skills in a secure, supervised atmosphere. Such activities are not only beneficial to academic performance, but they also promote socialization among peers that can last throughout life. For parents, these programs provide an ideal solution for busy schedules; enabling them to feel assured in the safety of their child while attending other commitments. Studies suggest that those enrolled in after school activities tend to have higher grades than those without such participation or minimal supplementary assistance outside of regular classroom instruction. In addition, it offers numerous opportunities for personal development through enriching outlets like art & craft classes, physical education courses such as yoga and dance lessons which foster coordination abilities; computer programming sessions which teach problem solving aptitudes; and robotics clubs that stimulate teamwork and collaboration amongst kids at a young age – all essential traits when striving for success! Allowing children access to these extra learning experiences

After school programs can be an exciting way for kids to explore their interests and hone new skills. Parents have a variety of choices when selecting specialty programs, activities, such as organized sports, tutoring, or art and music classes. Each of these options offer unique benefits in terms of learning opportunities. Sports provide the chance to develop physical coordination abilities while also learning about team work and gaining self-confidence through successful on-field performance. Tutoring offers individualized attention which can help students master concepts that may be difficult to understand in a large classroom setting; it also enables them to cultivate study habits that will benefit them across all subjects at school. Art classes like painting or drawing are ideal for allowing children to express themselves artistically as they build fine motor skills with pencils, brushes or other materials used by artists. Music classes afford kids the opportunity to learn instruments like keyboards and guitars while understanding rhythms patterns, reading sheet music, writing original songs and singing together - all important components of creating beautiful melodies! Lastly there is always something special about exploring different cultures from around world through dance classes; not only does it allow them greater cultural understanding but it also provides physical activity which is so essential today given the prevalence of childhood obesity. Dance gives young people confidence and an outlet for self expression often lacking during normal day-to-day schooling activities - providing yet another great advantage!

Two of the most reputable or largest establishments for assisted learning out there we dove into are Oxford Learning and Kumon.

Both places require an entry or placement test to evaluate the child's standing for their age group and grade level. However they are structured differently.

Kumon states on their website...

"First, the basics. No, Kumon isn’t tutoring. Kumon is the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. Kumon Students progress independently through a carefully crafted, worksheet-based math and reading curriculum. Regardless of their age, students move at their own pace, which means many children end up studying far beyond their school grade level. While Kumon Instructors are there to lesson plan, evaluate, and guide your child, students ultimately develop self-learning skills, learning primarily on their own."

Very methodical and structured, our children all learn differently and have different needs. They also need help at different levels (not all) but most, at some point from JK to Grade 12.

Oxford Learning on the other hand has a different approach they state...

We don’t ask your child to review and memorize the same old stuff; we help them build the skills they need to really learn and understand. With Oxford Learning®’s programs you’ll be putting an end to the time and expense of hiring a tutor year after year—instead, you’ll be giving your child the skills he or she needs to deal with today’s school struggles, and helping him or her develop thinking and learning skills that will be used for this grade and for every grade.

So instead of drilling/evaluating and testing they provide the tools to overcome and achieve the the success within the testing and drills they are faced with. Different styles of learning and teaching, BOTH very effective on different levels.

We had a personal friend tell us about their experience with Oxford Learning, how they were worried about their child succeeding as he had scored very low on the evaluation test for his age/grade level, and fast forward to 10 years later...he is at the top of his class in all areas (he even gets bord with the regular curriculum) he still attends once a week to this day, as he is progressing there.

Kumon is set up for your child to work off of worksheets they provide and to work alone where as Oxford Learning teaches, supports and provides the tools for the child to learn the material, try it and then be successful with it. Kumon states that their work sheets are structured to build confidence and help your child learn on their own , math and reading skills as well as confidence and discipline. We think that anything in support of a child's growth in learning and supporting them build their confidence! So really both tried tested and true, it basically comes down to what's the best fir for you (Your Chid)!

The Ontario Ministry of Education just reviewed and lowered the cost of some after school programs for parents including the YMCA making fees as low as $10! Now that's a deal! Especially when we have been used to paying hundreds of dollars and placed on waitlists! Its always good to look in to programs run by the schools in your community, the government/city run programs and those that are private and find one that fits and supports your child's growth as well as one that fits into your budget. And being tax season, look for the benefits and tax breaks they provide to claim for your income tax.

We have just recently placed our child in Oxford we will be sure to follow up and give a full review in the future!

To wrap up, After School Programs and Assisted Learning for Kids grant kids the perfect chance to obtain educational assistance and engage in educational experiences. Research has shown that these programs give children the tools they need to succeed academically along with the mental and emotional development required to flourish. With access to quality after school programs, parents can be certain their kids are getting trained help from experts so they may reach their highest potential.

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