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7 Summer Fashion Trends for Kids: Stylish Outfits & Wardrobe Must-Haves

Hey everyone, summer is officially here and what better way to give your kids a head start than by getting them dressed in the latest trends? We understand how vital it is for children to dress fashionably these days. To help with that we’ve created this blog post featuring the top 7 fashion trends and must-haves, you should be aware of if you want your little ones looking their absolute best, but also staying cool and comfortable!

Whether it's comfortable clothing or accessories, don't worry - everything necessary can be found right here. So let us assist you as get your kids ready for an awesome summer season!

Exploring Kids Fashion: Hottest Summer Trends

This summer, kids have plenty of style options to choose from – and it's the perfect time to let them express their individual fashion sense!

1. Patterns and Prints; patterned shorts are a great way to inject some fun into an outfit; opt for bold colors like pink and yellow and bright neon's are making a come back, or go classic with stripes/polka dots.

Tropical patterns are in as well as animal prints and fun messages

2. Organic Fabrics; for hot days when you need something practical yet fashionable; try lightweight jumpsuits in breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, muslin and bamboo fabrics. These fabrics will keep them cool but also be comfortable for their outdoor play and these materials can be made into both chic designs as well as well as everyday wear!

If your kid wants something more casual but still stylish they can rock cotton graphic tees with lightweight denim jackets or zip-up hoodies coupled with comfy printed sneakers! Printed sneakers are a big one for kids these days, especially the ones that have features like lights! Staying in the breathable material range, that offer support and durability.

3. Ruffles and Fringe; more so for little girls, we are seeing a lot of lace, fringe, ruffles and peter pan collar comebacks. These pieces give a sweet and elegant like feature to childrenswear and are timeless. Even casual wear is bringing back the fringe on sweaters like MSGM and short sleeved ruffled tops by Marc Ellis of NY

4. Bohemian; long paisley and floral print dresses for girls and shirts for boys. Bringing in the lace aspects and faded colors as well as pastels.

5. Sporty; the easiest and probably most popular amongst children, no fuss, comfortable and practical. Many big brands are bringing more unique patterns and styles to the table for kids when it comes to the athleisure trends.

6. Florals; they are not just a girl trend...boys are wearing them too! Some of the cutes cotton button up t-shirts in bright bold colors with floral print are hitting the runways for children and a big trend this summer!

7. Gender Neutral; just like the florals, there are many pieces that designers are creating that can be worn by both girls and boys! We love this concept and feel fashion should be for everyone. Its a feeling and sense of style and sense of self and it brings out their personality when they wear something they love and can wear regardless of their gender! Moschino is a great example of this!

Accessories also play a vital role - hats are essential for protecting against sunburns, bucket hats have made a big come back over the last year or two and seemed to be going strong, while belts make sure pants/shorts stay where they should be without needing constant readjustment throughout the day.

With all these cool trends available this season, there is definitely no shortage of ways for your little one look their best while staying comfortable in the heat!

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