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Top 7 Kids Subscription Boxes: Age-Appropriate Fun and Learning

Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into the exciting world of Kids Subscription Boxes! As parents, we all want to ensure that our little ones are constantly learning and growing through age-appropriate activities while having loads of fun. But with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one tailored for your child's developmental stages. That's why we've put together our top 10 kids subscription boxes guide for you, all unique and curated with toys, activities, books and more, designed to engage young minds and provide them with educational material.

In this blog post, we will provide an overview of what makes these boxes unique, as well as discuss their key features and pricing details. Stay tuned as we explore how these children's subscription services are revolutionizing playtime by offering customized experiences that cater to each child's interests and abilities!

But First The Benefits of Kids Subscription Boxes

In today's fast-paced digital world, it has become increasingly important to find innovative and engaging ways to keep our children entertained, while also fostering their creativity and learning. This is where kids subscription boxes come into play, offering a wealth of benefits for both parents and children alike. The concept of these boxes is simple - on a regular basis (usually monthly), a curated selection of activities, toys, books or other items are delivered right to your doorstep. We all can appreciate the convenience factor of not having to scour through stores searching for the perfect educational toy or craft project; meanwhile our children get excited about the element of surprise that comes with opening up a new box each month!

One significant advantage of kids subscription boxes is that they cater to various age groups and interests. Whether your child loves art projects or science experiments, there are options available that will keep them engaged and eager to learn more. This ensures that you're providing age-appropriate content that supports their development while also sparking their curiosity in subjects they might not have been introduced to yet otherwise.

Another benefit lies in the quality time these subscription boxes encourage between parents and children. In an era where screens often dominate our lives, these activity-filled packages provide an opportunity for families to bond over shared experiences away from electronic devices. Parents can actively participate in helping their child complete projects or simply enjoy watching them explore new concepts independently.

Moreover, kids subscription boxes promote essential skills such as fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving abilities and critical thinking by challenging young minds with hands-on activities designed by experts in early childhood education. Children will learn persistence as they work through complex tasks and experience a boost in self-confidence when they successfully complete them.

Lastly but importantly, one cannot overlook the environmental impact aspect – many companies now focus on using sustainable materials within their products whenever possible as well as ensuring packaging is recyclable or compostable. By choosing such environmentally conscious brands for your child's subscription box needs you're teaching them the importance of being mindful about the environment from an early age.

The Top Seven, in Our Books!

#1 Lovevery

This is a true favorite of ours and we can genuinely attest and review this one because we subscribed to Lovevery for our little Braiden since he was 6months old! With Lovevery you can subscribe as early as birth. Then, depending on your child's age, every two or three months there after. Each play kit comes with a booklet that includes instructions/directions and access to scientifically backed research, guidance, tips and play activities to support your child's development. They are well constructed toys made from sustainable materials and the booklet gives a detailed information on how each toy aligns with your kid's developmental stage. There are a number of these toys that to this day Braiden still enjoys revisiting. Each box is colorful and we found it so exciting to open these boxes with out little guy!

Ages 0 to 4 Years

Cost starts at $80-$120 Per Kit

#2 Spangler Science Club

What is STEM you ask? (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

We truly love Science and Math in our home so this is why Spangler hit our number 2 on the list. As per their age requirements for this subscription, they outline the following...

The experiments and hands-on activities in the Spangler Science Club monthly series are intended for children between the ages of 5 – 12 years of age (approximately K – 6) with adult supervision. All of the experiments and design challenges are written in such a way that the science concepts can be adapted to best fit the learning style and developmental appropriateness of each child. Younger child are welcome to participate, but some of the experiments and concepts may be a little too advanced for them without the help of an adult.

This is a club we will be looking into a little further for our 4 year old as he is showing more interest in science and math now.

Ages 5-12

Cost starts at $32.99 Per individual STEM Science Kit

You can save more by subscribing for 3-12 months, the percentage off increases with bundling.

Another option for a younger age group is STEM Club Toy Subscription. This subscription is handled by Amazon, they curate STEM toys based on your child's age, starting at age 3 up to 13. These boxes start at $25.00 Per Box...this box comes in at #3

#4 Amazon Prime Book Box

Speaking of Amazon, the Prime Book Box allows you to you receive a box of children’s books every month, two months, or three months. Each box contains four board books (for ages two and younger) or two hardcover picture books or novels (for ages three to 12). Amazon says you'll save up to 35 per cent off the list price of these books. So let your little readers get the most out of this subscription and save! We love to have reading time every night and having a subscription that allows you to switch up the literature you are sharing with your child and also follows their age development is both helpful and educational as well as cost effective!

Ages 0-12

Cost starts at $16.99 Per Month

#5 A Kids Book About

A Kids Book About we found to be a powerful box for developing young minds and personalities. Dealing with topics such as Sharing, Equity, Activism, Fear, Body Image, Climate Change and Systemic Racism. They help kids build a deeper understanding of who they are. They have 3 memberships to choose from if you are on a budget or want to gradually ease in to the topics.

Ages 0-9

The Explorer Box starts at $15.95 with one book a month to

Collector Box $35.95 monthly with your choice of three books a month and the option to cancel any time for all of the memberships.

#6 KidStir Cooking Kit

The cooking subscription box for kids! We wish they had boxes like these back when we were kids! Kid friendly recipes that are easy to follow, beautifully illustrated, aimed to please even the pickiest of eaters (be sure to read our blog on how to support and help over come picky eaters

Inside each box are 3 tasty recipes, quality kitchen tools, shopping list, a foodie fun magazine and achievement stickers! They even go beyond the box, with fun online videos, games and activities as well as hands on lessons in STEM!

Ages 4-14

Cost starts at $23.99 a month with options for yearly subscriptions for monthly savings!

#7 Music Library Box

This little Gem is also a favorite of ours as we love listening to music and playing instruments in our home.

Introducing Children To The Music Of
Beethoven, Bob Marley And Everyone In-Between!

Music Library states they help kids to...

read, discover and make music with a monthly subscription box dedicated to teaching children (and their caregivers!) about diverse styles of music, inspiring musicians and their stories.

Music Library Box was curated by a Mom who is also a music teacher. Hands on learning with music themed books, instruments, activities and online resources! Music is such a wonderful way for kids to learn, grow and express themselves!

Ages 4+

Cost starts at $42.00 a month

Well that wraps up our Top 7 and believe us there are so many more out there!

Some notables that we didn't get a chance to really dive into but have rave reviews are...

KiwiCo's line of crates tailored to different age groups and interests. Their Tinker Crate focuses on STEM projects that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills while their Doodle Crate inspires young artists with craft projects using various techniques.

Little Passports which offers kits centered around geography and world cultures aimed at sparking curiosity about our planet's diverse countries and peoples. Each box contains activities like puzzles or crafts along with stories about the featured country's culture.

Raddish Kids' cooking kits which include illustrated recipe guides accompanied by culinary tools designed specifically for small hands so they can safely assist in meal preparation while learning valuable kitchen skills.

Parents seeking eco-friendly options should consider Green Kid Crafts whose STEAM-themed activity boxes utilize sustainable materials wherever possible without sacrificing quality or educational content.

Kids subscription boxes prove to be a valuable tool for parents seeking unique and engaging ways to support their children's growth and development. These boxes not only offer convenience, but they also encourage family bonding, foster essential skills, and promote environmental awareness – benefits that will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on your child's life.

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