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Dressing Like a Mom Without Sacrificing Your Style

Hey there, mama! Welcome to todays post all about Mom Fashion. Are you ready get inspired and stay up-to-date with stylish mom trends? We got your back here. Our goal is help fashionable moms everywhere look their best without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Something for seasoned style experts and newbies alike - let's dive right in shall we? We've gathered some of our favorite looks that combine chicness with practicality so even the busiest mothers can rock them daily! There are many sacrifices we make as moms but you truly do not have to sacrifice your style!

Choosing the Perfect Mom Outfits for Every Occasion

Mom looks don't always have to be sweatpants and ponytails. When I take my son to school I put effort into what I wear, even if its a summer maxi dress, I put on my layers and accessories and instead of a ponytail wear a hat if you haven't had time to do the do!

Mom needs to determine what type of event she is attending in order to find the right ensemble.

Once mom knows the purpose of her outfit, it’s time to consider colors and patterns. If mom wants a classic look, sticking with solid neutral tones like black or navy blue are always a safe bet. On the other hand, if she wants something more bold and eye-catching then bright colors or unique prints might be worth looking into.

Then comes fabrics - this can make all the difference when creating an outfit! For instance lightweight materials such as cotton are great for warm weather while heavier ones like wool keep you cozy during colder months. Additionally certain textures can add visual interest; lace adds femininity while velvet delivers luxury vibes so take some time researching different options until finding one that works best for your desired aesthetic looks and feel comfortable at same time .

The last step involves choosing accessories; these small additions can really complete any look by adding extra dimension & texture also helping elevate fashion element in person's overall outlook. Some items may include jewelry, scarves, hats, belts, bags etc … getting ready becomes easier when outfits have been preplanned taking care about basics things beforehand which will help moms save precious minutes before leaving house and provides them elegance touch required having determinedly perfect presentation where center focus being individual personality gets highlighted too !

Knowing what kind of event you'll be attending will help to narrow your options and make sure that you look good. For more casual occasions such as brunches or playdates with buddies, a great choice would be jeans or leggings paired with an attractive top or sweater plus fashionable accessories like jewelry and cool shoes. If it's something slightly dressier -- work meetings for instance, dinners parties etc., opt for timeless pieces in dark colours - navy blue is always classy – teamed up with tailored blazers/jackets; these can add sophistication without compromising on comfort levels!

Don't forget the power of accessorising either! A quick way to liven any outfit; scarves tied around your neck are perfect for adding some colour, get creative: statement necklaces? Bold earrings? Patterned tights?! The ways to pep things up are endless… But when thinking about outfits designed specifically for moms out there remember one thing though--comfort comes first!! After all who wants to feel uncomfortable whilst running round after their kids throughout the day!?

Here are 5 of our favorite mom looks that are classic, and chic! You can achieve these looks and more from – Women's Business Casual, Professional & Formal.

They have a wide selection of designers and labels for you hard working moms out there who want to look and dress well and feel confident. From the class room to the office, check out these pairings below, we have attached the links for all the items as well, you're welcome!

MOM LOOKS don't always have to be sweatpants and ponytails!

Look 1 Cool As Ice

A soft satin Icey blue tank top paired with jeans, white denim or a stone wash. Add the blazer if you're heading into the office or keep it cool with the tank alone! Accessorize with a tote like this navy Kate Spade tote that can fit everything from wipes, diapers and snacks to your iPad! A fun-funky bracelet or watch like this Roberto Cavalli snake watch and a pair of cool shades, you are ready for anything in this outfit!

Look 2 La Vie En Rose

Soft pinks and rose gold, you can say a lot by the watch you wear or the bag you carry. Practicality and femininity can be achieved easily by pairing soft fabrics and accessories with a bold puff sleeve blazer a large chunky tote.

Look 3 The Blue Trail-Blazer

This blazer shirt dress can be great for the office with a pair of mules or pumps or throw on a pair of white sneakers blue butterfly glasses and off to the kids soccer game! We really love this look and we are obsessed with the these blue butterfly sparkling sunglasses by Atelier Swarovski

Look 4 I'm In-vested!

Vests are a go-to for a lot of moms out there! Like the blazer it can be paired with almost anything to dress up an outfit or make it causal! Also on the rise for mom's, are backpacks! You don't have to carry the one shoulder bag/cross body anymore...we carry a lot in our purses, more than we realize at times, especially when you have kids, backpacks are so practical and comfortable to wear. They don't get in the way or weigh you down on one shoulder, and they keep you hands free! Designers today understand this need for moms out there and have really stepped up their game in designs when it comes to these back-bags!

A classic black and white combo with these Jimmy Choo sling backs and CK backpack with an animal print watch or bracelet you will look fierce but also be the most fashionable mom at school pick up!

Look 5 Green With Envy

Comfort, class and color! Mom's don't be afraid to wear a little color, although the black and white can be easy breezy, you can achieve the same feelings of work casual, soccer mom and more with a little color! Again, invest in pieces that can be interchangeable like the vest and blazer. Keep the storage space in mind when choosing the type of bag you want to accessorize with and always keep in mind comfort and practicality when choosing your shoes! Et Voila! The perfect mom-outfit!

There is not one woman/mother out there who doesn't feel good when she looks good, but most importantly, when she is comfortable!

Stay up to date on trends, tips and ideas for parents and kids at Blog | Braiden Baby happy shopping!

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