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Yoga for Kids: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Yoga for kids is a fun and educational way to get your children to learn about their bodies and how to stay healthy. It teaches them the physical and mental benefits of exercise, and can even be used as a tool to help children manage their stress and emotions.

There are so many benefits to get your child into yoga. Physical activities of any kind are beneficial but there is something to be said about the practice of yoga, especially for our little ones.

The practice of yoga for children has shown us that it can...

Boost self esteem

Help improve emotional regulation

Helps to manage anxiety

Increase body awareness

Enhance self-confidence and memory

Helps with child development, strength and flexibility

Teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity

These are but a handful of life changing benefits achieved through the techniques used in yoga, stretching, breathing, timing, feeling and awareness. All amazing benefits for anyone, at any age, but starting them off young will help them to manage their emotions, behavior, feels and more at a young age to get them through the more anxious or stressful points of their little lives throughout school and even in sports.

There was an article written by Marlynn Wei, MD, JD back in 2016, at Harvard University called, "More than just a game: Yoga for school" it was based on a National Survey that was conducted and proven many of the above benefits but also showed us that Yoga can help improve core symptoms of ADHD and Autism. This was a big positive for us and is used at our sons school to help JK/SK's and the primary grade students with attention deficits to manage, calm and incorporate them into this activity and it made difference for them and the parents and a visible improvement in behavior. Our son actually asked Alexa the other day, "Alexa, play calming music." This was quite the refreshing change from Baby Shark doo-doo-doo-doo...

After reading and digging a little more and speaking with some of the yoga instructors at our community gym we also found that not only is yoga a great stress reliever but its amazing for over all health! Did you know you can actually stimulate your digestive system through yoga? How about regulate your hormones, decrease symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), regulate your blood sugar, and it helps alleviate constipation, and if that wasn't enough, it can even help regulate inulin levels!

Its crazy how the body works and lets face it, at a younger age it tends to work a little better, but we still need to support it. The stretching, breathing and strength training to the core in yoga supports our lungs, limbs and so much more.

When I practice yoga with my son the breathing and stretching come so naturally for him. They are like little Gumby's! One technique we personally take away from Yoga practice and we often use when he is frustrated and wants to throw a tantrum we re-direct him to belly breathing; three deep long breaths in and out. Half of the time he forgets why he was so upset to begin with and those breaths just gave him the calm he needed.

Yoga can be fun for kids, there are so many platforms and resources out there that cost nothing to us for them to partake.

You Tube and Google have a plethora of videos, channels and pintable's you can subscribe to. Cosmic Kids is a great one, or just google printable yoga worksheets. You can decide which works best for you and your child and their age group!

You can incorporate music, props and games top engage them, make it fun and interactive!

There are many types of yoga out there but typically Hatha or Vinyasa are best at a beginner level and there is also chair yoga for kids and storytelling yoga!

In short yoga provides many physical, emotional and mental benefits for kids. Weather you practice at home, at school or look for classes in your community. Being mindful of their little bodies, minds and activity, stress levels and overall wellbeing is so important to us as parents and definitely a benefit for us when they are happy and healthy, Namaste!

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